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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about medical Information?

A. For immediate medical information, please check with your doctors, or check with Down syndrome specific medical information sites. Every child is a little different and each has it's own medical needs. Most of the sites concerning Down syndrome listed elsewhere on this site will have links to help you find the exact information you seek. That worldwide information will be more abundant, and more accurate, than any information than we could present here. (My wife and I are not Doctors).

Q . What is the purpose of this site?

A . As parents of a daughter with Down syndrome, we know how frustrating it is to find a source of local information. As a new parent with a Special Needs child, you feel like a ping pong ball bouncing around from one voice to another, not knowing which way to go. Time is important to the developement of your child! We started this site to bring as much local information as we could to one place, one website, so any new (or old) parent can quickly check one local source for the information that may help them. Time is critical for information to a new parent of a newborn with Down syndrome.

Q . How much information will you be adding?

A . Our primary goal is to help locally as best we can with our limited resources. Rather than list every Down syndrome link or resource in the world located here under a thousand web pages, our goal is to have a more intimate and family feel to our website. Our main concern is our local Community, and the Broward County area here in South Florida seemed a good place to start.

Q. Is this a Government agency?

A . No. We are just individuals and parents trying to help our Community and sharing our daughters life.


  • If you haven't already, contact these two groups. Broward Gold Coast Down syndrome Organization and PODS Angels Support Group Foundation. This lets you talk to other parents with children who were at one time, exactly where you are now. They are here for you! They are not on the outside looking in, because like you, they also have children with Down syndrome. Simply call or email them right away.
  • The next thing you may want to do is call Child Find. Their local office is 954-767-8522. They do evaluations (from birth to 21 years of age) to identilfy educational program needs. Child Find 'sets up' the appointments with CDTC for 0-3. Child Find is the one that calls CDTC and sets up your 1st appointment. They are a central control of sorts, of documents that show where, how, who referred, what hospital, the stats on how and where the children come from for statistic purposes. They
    have charts and graphs on this kind of information. Once again, they help you determine what kind of help you can arrange for your child. They are not Down syndrome specific, but help all children.




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